Back to School Sustainability

stock-photo-9684331-notebooks-and-other-school-supplies (1)Going back to school is an exciting time for a fresh start and fresh school essentials. It is
also a time that the environment takes a hit with stores almost as packed as the Holiday Season.  According to Waste Online, each student produces an average of 240 pounds of waste each year!  Get an Earth-friendly jump start on this school year with a few simple tips!


*Take inventory:  Write down what you already have at home before going to the store for supplies.  Do you really need six new binders or will some of last years do? Avoiding duplicates reduces the amount of plastic that is wasted as well as saves your family money!


*Look for less packaging and recycled supplies: Many companies are hopping aboard the “green” train and using responsibly sourced or reduced packaging.  The Ultimate Green Store is an online shopping website that sells environmentally conscious products and saves you a trip to the store!


*Rethink the brown bag:  Investing in a washable, reusable lunch box keeps hundreds of paper bags out of landfills. Opt for one that is vinyl free to avoid harmful levels of lead in your child’s lunch.


Victoria Baron

CCS Green Team Intern

Ohio State University 2017

Posted in Say Yes to Less