Clay Middle School Students Pros at Cafeteria Recycling

ClayMSrecyclingThese kids have it down! While many schools in the district are still working out the practical details of cafeteria recycling, Clay Middle School students have spent the last 7 months recycling everything from yogurt containers to salad trays to beverage bottles.

How did they do it? A handful of students and parents spent a week at the beginning of this school year educating the rest of the school as to where to put their trash when finished with their lunch. They made signs with recyclable items attached to them to show what should go into a designated recycling container instead of the trash. Then, students and parents stood by the trash and recycling containers, directing the students where to put their “trash.” Most of it goes into the recycling now! Their custodians are vital partners as well, bringing the recyclables to the co-mingled dumpster outside the building.

Congratulations, Clay Middle School!

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