Carmel Clay Schools Recycle!

Several years ago, Carmel Clay School administrators began working to have co-mingled recycling at all their locations.  They began with a pilot program at Carmel Elementary and upon seeing its success, they started it all the other schools.  The last school to adopt this policy was Carmel High School.  Due to its immense size, there were many logistical problems to figure out.  Happily, those have been worked out and the high school is now recycling the trash from all classrooms in the building.  The contamination level is minimal, which is why this can be done. However, at home, please continue to separate your recycling items from the trash.  If there is too much contamination, prices for recycling may increase and not as much will be recyclrecyclingearth_logoed.

The CCS Green Team would like to thank the administration and custodians for making this happen!  So much more is being recycled as a result of this monumental effort!

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