“Ban the Bottle, Try the Tap” Campaign at Towne Meadow

During Earth Week, a girl scout troop from Towne Meadow waged a campaign to “Ban the Bottle; Try the Tap.”  The Carmel Green Teen Project funded the following activities:
Morning announcements–  Five girls from the girl scout troop (one per day) shared facts about bottled water with the rest of the school.

Sustainable alternative: With money from the Green Teen Grant, the girl scouts bought 65 stainless steel water bottles decorated with their school mascot.  They gave the bottles to Towne Meadow students to use as an alternative to buying bottled water.

Two of the troop moms handed out paper cups of water to students who normally buy bottled water.  They did this for a different grade level each day (kindergarten and first grade on the same day).  They also went around and sat with students at their tables to talk with them about their campaign and the issues involved.  At the end of each lunch period, they used the microphone to speak to the whole group all at once, reinforcing the key ideas of the project.

Display: One of the troop moms and several of the girls built a display of the number of water bottles discarded in one day at Towne Meadow (112).

Posters: The girls hung posters with the slogan, “Ban the bottle, Try the tap!”  above all the school drinking fountains.

Garbage Patch Video: They showed an ABC news segment about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch to all students in the school (right after morning announcements).

Bulletin Board and Tri-fold Display: They designed a bulletin board which depicted “5 Reasons Not to Drink Bottled Water.”  In addition, the girl scouts created a tri-fold display board for the cafeteria that depicted what else the money spent on bottled water in a year could buy: a bike, video games, and other items that appeal to kids.

School Newsletter: The girls submitted facts about plastic water bottles to Towne Meadow’s weekly e-newsletter, The Friday Flyer.  The facts ran for four consecutive weeks.   One week, they provided a link to a short video about tap water vs. bottled water in the newsletter.

Troop Leader and Towne Meadow parent: Ruth Perkins

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