What the Carmel Clay School District is doing

MH900433132Working quietly behind the scenes for years, our district has benefitted from the green efforts of Bob Yull and Jeff Maidlow. They, along with others, have made a significant impact on our schools in terms of energy savings, use of green custodial products, using fuel efficient vehichles, introducing co-mingled recycling at 16 buildings, and even recycling carpet during remodels!  This is only the tip of the iceberg.  Click Here to see the entire list.

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Green Ideas

The success of the CCS Green Team comes from the collaboration of many individuals working together to create best practices for our school district. Listed below are some of the practices that have been implemented. Please browse the list and see what Carmel Clay Schools are doing and how they do it. Feel free to send us any ideas you may have. Working together we can achieve so much!