Co-mingled Recycling Begins Districtwide

After Carmel Elementary’s successful pilot program from January to June, 2010, Carmel Clay Schools is expanding co-mingled recycling to all elementary and middle schools beginning Fall, 2010.  District Energy Manager Bob Yull worked with Ray’s Trash Service to make sure that each school has a co-mingled (or single-stream) dumpster, into which will go the schools’ paper, cardboard, plastic bottles and containers, and (tin and aluminum) cans.  Each school’s principal will determine the extent to which their school participates and who will bring the recyclables to the dumpster.  Recycling containers within classrooms and offices that were formerly used for paper only will now be used for all the above listed recyclables.  Whereas the community is highly encouraged to contribute paper to the Abitibi bins on our campuses, the co-mingled dumpsters are for school building use only.

The CCS Green Team is deeply grateful to Mr. Yull and the CCS Administrative Green Team for their leadership in making our schools more environmentally sound!

Any schools needing more recycling bins for classrooms or cafeterias may apply for a Carmel Green Teen Grant to pay for them.  Applications are due February 29, 2012.  More information can be found at

Click here for a list of what’s recyclable at the schools:

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