What Happens in an Oil Spill

Name Ann
Email ajohnston@indy.rr.com
Title of Activity What happens in an oil spill
Name of School Cherry Tree Elementary
Time Needed: 20 min
Materials Needed:
  • large clear plastic box or bowl of water 
  • tablespoon or so of cooking oil 
  • large spoon or beater 
  • a few rocks 
  • (some fur or dog hair can also be used) 
  • feathers for everyone
  • paper towels
  • toothbrushes
  • soap
Description of Activity: Set up the clear container of water at eye level for the kids. Have a few rocks in the water.

Pour a small amount of oil into the water. Watch it spread by itself, then mix it with the beater to simulate the waves.

Examine where the oil is.
Show how the rocks in the bottom don’t have much oil, but get oily when they comes out of the water. Maybe this happens to animals. You can show this also with animal fur or hair if you have some.

Dip some feathers into the oil and compare to dry feather. (You can let the kids dip a feather in)

Have the kids try to clean off the feathers and get them back to normal. Not easily done. This shows how animals are effected and how hard it is even for people to help clean the animals.

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