Snowman Tin Can Pencil Holder

Name Ann
Title of Activity Snowman Tin Can Pencil Holder
Name of School Cherry Tree Elementary
Time Needed: 30 min
Materials Needed:
  • Clean, empty soup-type cansblack electrical or duct tape
  • white yarn cut into 6-12 inch pieces
  • orange felt
  • black felt
  • craft eyes or buttons
  • glue
  • scissors
  • something to pour glue onto
Description of Activity: This is a cute holiday or winter activity.Adults may want to cover the top open edge of the can with the black tape before the kids start the project. It should cover the metal edge and about 1 inch of the outside top of the can to represent the snowman’s hat.

The kids take strips of yarn, dip them in glue, then wrap them around the can below the black tape. You can also put the glue on the can first, then put the yarn on that. Both ways work.

Once the can is covered with yarn, add snowman features like eyes, nose and a mouth.
When it’s dry, it can be used as a pencil holder or a cute gift holder.

Projects like this are great to show kids how to reuse items.

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