Plastic Bag Chain

Name Marcia Roberts
Title of Activity Plastic Bag Chain
Name of School Cherry Tree Elementary
Time Needed: 1 hour to make the chain and extra time to hang it up
Materials Needed: 300 plastic bags (have students bring them in)
paper clips
fishing line
facts about plastic bags
Description of Activity: plastic_bag_chainThe average American uses over 300 plastic grocery bags per year. In an effort to show how many this really is, create a plastic bag chain. Simply tie the handles of the bags together and watch the chain grow! We suspended the chain from the ceiling using fishing line and paper clips that were stuck under the ceiling tiles. CHECK WITH YOUR PRINCIPAL HOW FAR THE CHAIN NEEDS TO BE FROM THE CEILING. THERE IS A FIRE CODE REGARDING THIS. We also hung a piece of paper in a plastic sleeve on the chain with a plastic bag fact on it every 20 feet to educate people. It was amazing to have people stop us while we put up the chain to ask “What is this for?” and have the opportunity to talk to them about using mesh bags, reusing bags or not using a bag at all.
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