Felt Gift Bags

Name Marcia Roberts
Email mtroberts1@aol.com
Title of Activity Felt Gift Bags
Name of School Cherry Tree Elementary
Time Needed: 5 minutes per child
Materials Needed: Piece of felt or fleece
sewing machine
cording or yarn
cereal boxes or the like
Description of Activity: felt_bagFold the felt in half and sew the two sides together, leaving the top open. Turn the bag inside out. The cord can be used to tie the bag shut. Cut out holiday shapes from the boxes and use for gift tags. Tissue boxes are often nicely decorated already.  Decorate the brown side of the box. Tell the students that this bag can be used again and again for gifts.You can also show other creative ways to wrap/give gifts–using the comics, decorative tins, or send them on a scavenger hunt.
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Green Clubs

Getting students engaged in green practices is the key to a healthy future for our community. Green Clubs in our schools are a terrific forum for students to learn how to care for the earth and to put that knowledge into practice. See below for what student green clubs in our district are doing so far this school year!