E.A.R.T.H. Award

Name Marcia Roberts
Email mtroberts1@aol.com
Title of Activity E.A.R.T.H. Award
Name of School Carmel Middle School
Time Needed: 1 hour
Materials Needed: Anything you can find! We had a policy that nothing could be purchased. Everything we used had to be items we already had or would recycle. The kids used a wooden base, part of a pvc pipe, a tattered nerf ball, bits of ribbon, and more.
Description of Activity: Earth_Award-2The E.A.R.T.H. Award stands for “Everyday Actions Result in Thoughtful Habits” and will be given to staff who engage in green practices. The green club created a traveling trophy, working together to come up with the design. It is our hope to have all staff members focused on conserving energy, being mindful of resources, and to be good stewards of our environment. These adults come in contact with our students daily and we hope that this award can get kids thinking about what they can do as well.
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Green Clubs

Getting students engaged in green practices is the key to a healthy future for our community. Green Clubs in our schools are a terrific forum for students to learn how to care for the earth and to put that knowledge into practice. See below for what student green clubs in our district are doing so far this school year!