Carmel Elementary Green Machine Says No to Water Bottles

CEbottlesculptureStudents in the Carmel Elementary Green Machine have been learning about bottled water this year, and they found a creative way to share their knowledge.  First, they watched “The Story of Bottled Water,” a short video that exposes how bottled water is of no higher quality than the average tap water in the US.  The video also teaches how much petroleum is used to make the plastic bottles and what happens to all of the bottles after people are finished drinking the water.  After learning all of this, the kids wanted to show the rest of their classmates how many bottles of water are used at their school Movie Nights.  They collected the bottles from the February movie night, counted them, measured out their length (great math practice!), and talked about how much petroleum was used to produce those bottles.  Then, the students strung the bottles together and hung them from an old bicycle tire to create a “bottle chandelier” that they hung in the Carmel Elementary lobby for all to see.

Before the March Movie Night, the club sent a notice to all families attending, asking them to bring their own reusable water bottle.   The response was amazing: about 80% of the students at the March movie night brought their own reusable bottle!  Congratulations, Carmel Elementary!

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Green Clubs

Getting students engaged in green practices is the key to a healthy future for our community. Green Clubs in our schools are a terrific forum for students to learn how to care for the earth and to put that knowledge into practice. See below for what student green clubs in our district are doing so far this school year!