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Junk Sculpture

Name Ann
Title of Activity Junk Sculpture
Name of School Cherry Tree Elementary
Time Needed: 45 min+
Materials Needed: Junk
including cardboard, egg cartons, parts of old broken things like beaters, bicycle pedals, interesting packaging shapes, peanut butter jars, margarine tubs, jar tops, wires, buttons, old cd’s, plastic bottles, cleaned lunchroom sporks, etc. Really anything you can find can inspire some sculpture.Hot glue, tape or other adhesives (We usually have packaging and duct tape available.)
permanent markers for adding details
Description of Activity: There are a number of artists and craftspeople who create new things out of old stuff. This is a chance for the kids to use their imagination and create something new.If you have a lot of time, you can let the kids create anything, but if you are a little pressed for time, I suggest having a theme to help focus the possibilities. Some theme ideas include: creatures, transportation, the garden.

Place all the “junk” in a common area and give the kids a few minutes to dig around and see what inspires them. Then get them to start making things. They will probably need help with the glue gun, but it is also useful to have lots of tape.

If your library or display windows are available, have the school display the works of art.

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Reduce Carbon Emissions by Growing Your Own Garlic

Name MaryEllen St.Angelo
Title of Activity Reduce carbon emissions by growing your own garlic
Name of School Carmel Middle School
Time Needed: 1 club session (45 min)
Materials Needed:
  1. Planter pots (we used three that were about 18 in. tall and had a 12 in. diameter on top). 
  2. Soil (we used homemade leaf compost soil plus a bit of yard soil) 
  3. Organic garlic bulbs 
  4. Drop cloth 
  5. Computer for research
Description of Activity:
  1. Have kids guess where garlic is grown. Then look it up on computer.
  2. Choose a state/country where it is grown.
  3. Use the following website to calculate how much fuel is used to transport garlic from that location. The website also tells how many pounds of CO2 are released into the atmosphere due to the transport, plus how many trees are needed to offset that CO2. Note that semi trucks get 5-8 mpg!
  4. The kids plant the garlic in the pots of soil. Have them break off cloves from the bulb, leaving on the papery “skin.” Plant 2 inches deep and 5 inches apart, tips up. Garlic will be ready to harvest next summer. Each clove bears a bulb.
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Crayon Recycling Drive

Name Tara Renner
Title of Activity Crayon Recycling Drive
Name of School Orchard Park Elementary
Time Needed: 30 minutes
Materials Needed: Many shoeboxes with lids; one for each classroom at school (have children donate), several pairs of scissors, glue, crayons for coloring, and the labels for the boxes which can be requested through the website:
Description of Activity: opcrayonrecycleMake enough copies of the box labels so that there will be one for each box. Let the children color the labels. While most of them are coloring, either an adult or some of the older children can cut holes in the lids of the boxes for the crayons to be dropped in. The holes should be big enough to allow the crayons to fit. When the box covers are all colored, glue them to the boxes. Cut out the holes where you previously made an opening for the crayons. Assign pairs of children to deliver the boxes to the classrooms, leaving one at the door of each room. At the beginning of each month’s meeting, you will send a reminder to the teachers to leave their crayon boxes outside their doors. You can decide on a rotation system so that teams of children can do the monthly collection, where they will travel the halls with heavy duty bags to empty the boxes to pick up the crayons. (If you rotate, it will allow the kids to take turns). At the end of the year, follow the i nstructions on the website for how to donate the crayons. They really love this monthly activity and they feel important when they are given the job of picking up the crayons!
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Green Tips Bulletin Board

Submitted By MaryEllen St.Angelo
Title of Activity Green Tips Bulletin Board
Name of School Carmel Middle School
Time Needed: 1 club session + approx 2hrs
Materials Needed: Access to computer lab and color printer, camera, earthy-colored scrapbooking paper, bulletin board at school.
Description of Activity: 1. Students researched on computer to create a green tip, preferably with a statistic and a graphic to grab reader interest.
2. They printed their tip out at school and glued it to a piece of 12″x12″ scrapbook paper.
3. Club parents took the students’ photos (if permitted) and later printed them and mounted them on the students’ papers with their green tips. Students’ names were printed below their photos.
4. Club parents arranged students’ green tips on a bulletin board outside the school cafeteria.
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Green Clubs

Getting students engaged in green practices is the key to a healthy future for our community. Green Clubs in our schools are a terrific forum for students to learn how to care for the earth and to put that knowledge into practice. See below for what student green clubs in our district are doing so far this school year!