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Carmel High School: Big School, Big Impact

recycleposterWith over 4,000 students, CHS has the potential to produce a huge amount of waste. Students in the Environmental Club, however, are helping to reduce the amount of trash the school creates. Along with providing recycling containers in the school hallways for paper, aluminum and plastic, they have created signage displaying what can be recycled in the cafeteria. All CHS students have the opportunity to make a tremendous positive impact by recycling cafeteria waste, and these signs are making it easier!

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Spreading the Word about Earth Day

Orchard Park Elementary’s Green Club received paper grocery bags from a local store.  They decorated them with Earth Day messagesand gave the bags back to the store to distribute to their customers. Nothing makes an impact like children’s art!


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Earth Day Bulletin Board

ope_1This Earth Day Bulletin Board was made with loving hands.  Each handprint tells what it can do to take care of our Earth.  For example, “This hand can plant a tree” or “This hand recycles”.  What a great “hands-on” way to get kids thinking about what they can do to help our environment.

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Helping Carmel Students Celebrate our Earth

Every year the CCS Green Team puts together a packet of information for teachers and staff at all the schools to help bring awareness to Earth Day.  Each day has a theme and we provide daily annoucements that can be used during the week, along with book and website resources.  Here is what the team put together for this year:

Elementary Themed Day Chart

Elementary Annoucements and Resources

Middle and High School Themed Day Chart

Middle and High School Annoucements and Resources

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Kids Conduct Classroom Audits

Students on the Green Team at Carmel Middle School have been talking to their teachers about changes in classroom recycling.  As their educational video says, “It’s not just for paper anymore!”  Students have used an audit created by Social Studies teacher Vickie Walsh to find out how many trash and recycing containers are in each classroom and if the teacher knows what can be recycled.  In addition to talking about recycling, the students are asking whether or not the teacher needs assistance turning off electronic equipment at the end of the day.  With the results, the kids will determine how many recycling containers need to be ordered.  They will also supply all classrooms with signs designating what can be recycled.  Finally, any teacher who expresses a need for help with turning off electronic equipment will be assisted.

The students’ video about classroom recycling will be shown on video announcements to kick off Earth Week at Carmel Middle School.

To view the Recycling/Energy Audit, click here

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