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Smoky Row Rockets Recycle Lots at Lunch

Smoky Row Elementary students now have no doubt what can be recycled and what goes in the trash when they are finished with their lunch.  Their Green Team made this sign showing all the items that can be recycled and thus kept out of landfills.

Way to go, Rockets!

Smoky_Row_lunch_poster Smoky_Row_bulletin_board

Smoky Row’s Green Club also emphasizes the theme of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.  They realize the importance of first reducing what we use; then trying to reuse the item; before finally, recycling.  Working together like this can really make a difference!


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Carmel Elementary Green Club’s Artistic Side

Recyclesaurus_RayCarmel Elementary’s Green Machine Club collected all the recycling they could for a week from the cafeteria.  They washed it all and sorted it into various groups (clear plastics, flat wear, etc).  Several parents showed up with their glue guns ready and they helped the children create their own sculptures.  Many students pitched in to make “Recyclesaurus Ray”, a T-Rex made out of plastic!  Great job showing us all how to reuse items and get in touch with our creative side!




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Orchard Park Green Club Creates a Bottle Tree

Orchard Park’s Green Club created a recycled bottle tree project. They began this project at their December meeting. The kids’ families collected plastic drinking bottles of all sizes, washing and removing the labels. The adult leaders were also gathering bottles for a couple of weeks beforehand. They selected 4 bright colors of paint, and let the kids paint the bottles, inside and out. While the paint was still wet, glitter was shaken onto the bottles. They were laid out to dry before being mounted. The art teacher at our school was kind enough to let us use the art room for this project, as it was a bit messy (to say the least). The kids, however, had a great time.  The tree is on display in the cafeteria.

OPE_bottle_tree OPE_bottle_tree6 OPE_bottle_tree15

Thanks for showing a creative way to reuse plastic bottles!

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Carmel Middle School’s Green Club Toy Drive

For America Recycles Week, students in the Carmel Middle School Green Club chose to have a gently-used toy drive to promote “reusing” and reducing waste by giving new life to toys they were no longer using.  Over the course of a week, students and staff brought in about 1,000 toys/ books/ puzzles/ games. They gave the toys to the Julian Center, an Indianapolis shelter for families in crisis.  Each day of the week, students also read announcements giving facts about reducing trash, recycling, and reusing or repurposing items to keep them out of landfills.

CMS_Toy_Drive_1 CMS_Toy_Drive_2

Thanks to all who donated for this great cause!
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Smoky Row Green Club Loves to Recycle!

SR_ARD_bulletin_boardStudents from Smoky Row’s Green Club made this bulletin board for America Recycles Day showing not only which students like to recycle, but some items that are recyclable.  What a great way to promote recycling!

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Carmel Elementary Green Machine Says No to Water Bottles

CEbottlesculptureStudents in the Carmel Elementary Green Machine have been learning about bottled water this year, and they found a creative way to share their knowledge.  First, they watched “The Story of Bottled Water,” a short video that exposes how bottled water is of no higher quality than the average tap water in the US.  The video also teaches how much petroleum is used to make the plastic bottles and what happens to all of the bottles after people are finished drinking the water.  After learning all of this, the kids wanted to show the rest of their classmates how many bottles of water are used at their school Movie Nights.  They collected the bottles from the February movie night, counted them, measured out their length (great math practice!), and talked about how much petroleum was used to produce those bottles.  Then, the students strung the bottles together and hung them from an old bicycle tire to create a “bottle chandelier” that they hung in the Carmel Elementary lobby for all to see.

Before the March Movie Night, the club sent a notice to all families attending, asking them to bring their own reusable water bottle.   The response was amazing: about 80% of the students at the March movie night brought their own reusable bottle!  Congratulations, Carmel Elementary!

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Orchard Park’s Crayon Recycling Project

opcrayonrecycleOrchard Park’s Green Club students have begun a fun recycling project that will keep thousands of stubby crayons out of landfills! They even have the whole school participating.

First the green club students brought enough shoe boxes for each classroom to have their own.  At that meeting one of their “stations” (since they have so many kids in their club) decorated the boxes, and the parent leaders asked the teachers via email to use the boxes in their rooms.

On the day before club meetings, the club asks the teachers to set the collection boxes by their door. A small team led by one 5th grade boy who is Judy’s “assistant” goes down the halls with a cloth grocery bag, and the kids dump the crayons into the bag.

Judy takes them home and weighs them so they can be colored onto the tote board (for the school to see how much they are recycling).  Their goal is 20 pounds and they may hit it! They only started at the end of last semester.

They will ship the crayons at the end of the year or perhaps in 2 separate shipments. For more info, check out the following link:

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Carmel Middle School Students Awarded Micro-Grant for “Mission: Recycle”

DSCN0319Students in Carmel Middle School’s Green Club wanted to make a difference at their school, so when the opportunity came along to apply for a micro-grant to fund a green project, they discussed how they could make a significant impact. The students all agreed that their school generated lots of trash, much of which could be recycled. The students applied for funds through the Carmel Green Teen Micro-Grant program to buy ten recycling containers for the middle school. Some containers will be placed in the cafeteria and others will be put out at both athletic and fine arts events. Students in the club will spend time educating their fellow students about what can be recycled and where to put it through live announcements, posters, and the school newspaper. Congratulations, Carmel Middle School!

To read more about the Carmel Green Teen Micro-Grant program, go to

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Carmel Elementary Celebrates ARD With Recycling Drive

Carmel Elementary School Green Machine Team 2010 Recycling Day Events

Carmel Elementary’s Green Machine Team reviewed the many items that could be brought to the viagra online order Carmel Elementary Recycling Drive on the school’s live announcements.

Carmel Elementary hosted their Recycling Day on November 13, 2010.

fall-2010-green-team-recycle-Day-Action fall-2010-green-team-recycle-Day-Group fall-2010-green-team-recycle

Not only did Carmel Elementary receive many items for recycling, the students were able to enjoy many games and activities, including a fun scavenger hunt.

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Green Club at Cherry Tree Elementary

Cherry Tree Elementary: Ann Johnston and Marcia Roberts

DSCN1314Students in Cherry Tree Elementary’s green club have been active this year!  This fall, they won a grant to help other elementary schools use water coolers and reusable cups instead of plastic water bottles.

To educate their schoolmates, students created a water bottle sculpture out of 167 water bottles.   That is the average number of bottles a person uses per year!  They have also learned what we all can do to reduce the number of water bottles used.

The structure is 3′ wide, 18″ deep, and between 5-6′ tall.  It’s made out of pvc pipe so it’s lightweight and comes apart to move it.  You may borrow the structure to display at your school, or contact Marcia or Ann to find out how your student club can make their own.

The club this year has also simulated an oil spill, found out how waves affect the spill, and how difficult it is to clean feathers if they have been covered in oil.

They are currently sponsoring a catalog cancellation campaign.  Click here to read Marcia Roberts’s poem that details how to cancel your catalogs.  catalog_cancel_poem.docx Also, check out the following site to choose which catalogs you do and do not want to receive.

DSCN1308 DSCN1313

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Green Clubs

Getting students engaged in green practices is the key to a healthy future for our community. Green Clubs in our schools are a terrific forum for students to learn how to care for the earth and to put that knowledge into practice. See below for what student green clubs in our district are doing so far this school year!

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