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What the Carmel Clay School District is doing

MH900433132Working quietly behind the scenes for years, our district has benefitted from the green efforts of Bob Yull and Jeff Maidlow. They, along with others, have made a significant impact on our schools in terms of energy savings, use of green custodial products, using fuel efficient vehichles, introducing co-mingled recycling at 16 buildings, and even recycling carpet during remodels!  This is only the tip of the iceberg.  Click Here to see the entire list.

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E.A.R.T.H. Award

Name Marcia Roberts
Title of Activity E.A.R.T.H. Award
Name of School Carmel Middle School
Time Needed: 1 hour
Materials Needed: Anything you can find! We had a policy that nothing could be purchased. Everything we used had to be items we already had or would recycle. The kids used a wooden base, part of a pvc pipe, a tattered nerf ball, bits of ribbon, and more.
Description of Activity: Earth_Award-2The E.A.R.T.H. Award stands for “Everyday Actions Result in Thoughtful Habits” and will be given to staff who engage in green practices. The green club created a traveling trophy, working together to come up with the design. It is our hope to have all staff members focused on conserving energy, being mindful of resources, and to be good stewards of our environment. These adults come in contact with our students daily and we hope that this award can get kids thinking about what they can do as well.
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T-Shirt Bags

Name Marcia Roberts
Title of Activity T-Shirt Bags
Name of School Cherry Tree Elementary
Time Needed: 30 minutes
Materials Needed: Scissors
Sewing Machines
Have each child bring in a t-shirt of theirs.
Description of Activity: F66X3KKFUPUP10F.MEDIUMStudents will cut out the neck and arms from the t-shirt. Then turn the shirt inside out. With the sewing machine, sew the bottom of the t-shirt. Turn the shirt to the right side. The bag is complete! We have found kids really enjoy using the sewing machine as so few have before. This activity really emplasizes the concept of reusing or repurposing something rather than buying something new.
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Carmel Middle School Club Gets Their Hands Dirty!

CaMS_club_plantingIn October, CaMS Green Team students trekked out to the community garden twice to get their hands dirty and learn about best practices in organic gardening.  On their first trip, they pulled weeds and planted seeds for some cold weather crops such as spinach, carrots and lettuce.  Those seeds have already sprouted and grown!  On their second trip, the students transplanted native perennials from the front of the HBM Co-op building to the south fence line of the garden.  This area will provide a friendly place for garden pollinators to visit next year. Well done, Cougars!

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Kids Conduct Classroom Audits

Students on the Green Team at Carmel Middle School have been talking to their teachers about changes in classroom recycling.  As their educational video says, “It’s not just for paper anymore!”  Students have used an audit created by Social Studies teacher Vickie Walsh to find out how many trash and recycing containers are in each classroom and if the teacher knows what can be recycled.  In addition to talking about recycling, the students are asking whether or not the teacher needs assistance turning off electronic equipment at the end of the day.  With the results, the kids will determine how many recycling containers need to be ordered.  They will also supply all classrooms with signs designating what can be recycled.  Finally, any teacher who expresses a need for help with turning off electronic equipment will be assisted.

The students’ video about classroom recycling will be shown on video announcements to kick off Earth Week at Carmel Middle School.

To view the Recycling/Energy Audit, click here

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Smoky Row Rockets Recycle Lots at Lunch

Smoky Row Elementary students now have no doubt what can be recycled and what goes in the trash when they are finished with their lunch.  Their Green Team made this sign showing all the items that can be recycled and thus kept out of landfills.

Way to go, Rockets!

Smoky_Row_lunch_poster Smoky_Row_bulletin_board

Smoky Row’s Green Club also emphasizes the theme of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.  They realize the importance of first reducing what we use; then trying to reuse the item; before finally, recycling.  Working together like this can really make a difference!


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Cougars Recycle at Kickoff

Courgars RecycleOn September 12, Carmel Middle School students gathered on their baseball diamond for the Cougar Kickoff- a fun-filled afternoon of music, games and refreshments.  After the students ate their pizza and water, they were sure to dispose of their trash properly: plates in the trash and water bottles in recycling containers!  Thanks to the kickoff coordinators and the custodial staff, recycling containers sat right next to trash cans, making recycling easy for students.  Carmel Middle School cougars recycled about 200 plastic water bottles that day.  Way to go, Cougars!

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Making Paper Beads


Title of Activity Making Paper Beads
Materials Needed:  Magazines, construction paper or wallpaper; glue, small dowel rods or skewers
Description of Activity: This is a very easy and fun activity for kids to do.  Click on the link to find out how!

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Recycled Bottle Tree

Name Tara Renner
Title of Activity Recycled Bottle Tree
Name of School Orchard Park Elementary
Time Needed: Several hours
Materials Needed: 6 foot long 2×4
tree base
cordless drill
cordless screwdriver
glue gun
craft paint
craft paint brushes
large paint brush
staple gun and staples
dowel rods
plastic bags for cleanup
Description of Activity: OPE_bottle_treeFor this project you will need to collect many (several dozen) recycled plastic drinking bottles. How many you collect will determine the size of your tree. For interest, use different sized bottles, from 16 ounce to 2 litre. The bottles should be clean and dry and they must have their caps. You will also need a base for your tree. We used an old Christmas tree stand, the kind with the screw-in pieces in the base. For the trunk we used a 2×4 piece of plywood, about 6 feet tall. For tree “limbs”, we used some repurporsed wooded dowels that had been previously used in a cabinet. These were about 2 to 3 feet long each. We also used scissors to cut up the bottles. To begin, we cut up the bottles into beautiful shapes. To do this, remove the caps, but save them. Cut off the bottoms of the bottles, just removing the bottom rounded part. These can be saved if you wish them to be used to hold paint later. Next, begin cutting the bottles from this cut edge, down towards the ca p end. You want to make several cuts, so that you end up with a petal shape, like a flower. To achieve a floral shape, make the cuts swirly or try to make them rounded, not just straight up and down. Another fun shape to make is to start on an angle and go all the way around, so you end up with a long swirl. This is a pretty effect. Finally, attach the cap back on and paint the bottle. For best effect, paint the bottle all one color, both in and outside. While the paint is wet, sprinkle it with some glitter. We shook the glitter on over some plastic bags, so that cleanup would be easier. Let dry. Next, attach your trunk to your base securely.For branches, drill holes into the truck as needed and place the dowels into the holes. Glue in if needed. Once the bottles are dry, remove a cap one at a time, and staple or drill it into the base. Screw on the bottle. Done! Now, attach another bottle as close to the first as possible. Try to keep attaching bottles closely to the others . Vary the shapes and sizes. We stuck with 5 colors for ours. You will probably need more bottles than you think! When you are done, paint the base. We used green and it looked great. Good luck!
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CCS No Idling Policy Now in Effect

No_IdlingIf you have driven through one of our parking lots lately, you have seen our new NO IDLING signs posted.  They signify a new district-wide policy now in effect, asking all who enter CCS parking lots to turn off their vehicle engines when parked.  We are committed to providing clean air and a healthy environment for all of our students. We are asking parents and visitors to do your part: turn off your engine when waiting for a student after a performing arts rehearsal, sports practice, or club meeting.  When carpooling, please wait until the line begins to move before starting your car.  Thanks for making our campuses great places to breathe!

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