About CCS Green Team

The CCS Green Team is comprised of parent and staff representatives from each of the Carmel Clay Schools.  We meet monthly to share ideas and support each other’s efforts to incorporate as many green practices into the schools as possible.  Some schools have official PTO Green Team positions; others do not.  Our goal is to have an official PTO Green Team representative at every school as well as a Green Staff Liaison.  This new staff position has been created to work in collaboration with parents.

Our Mission

The CCS Green Team seeks to work with school staff and administrators, students and parents to ensure a safe and healthy environment for students by encouraging our school community to implement sustainable, energy-smart, eco-friendly and cost-effective solutions today.

The CCS Green Team representatives strive to work with schools to adopt green practices such as reducing waste, using eco-friendly products, reducing tailpipe pollution, implementing energy-saving initiatives and recycling. The Team supports and encourages Green Teams at all Carmel schools by providing network and education opportunities.

Going green means saving money, using energy, fuel and other resources wisely, reducing our dependence on foreign oil, and reducing our impact on the environment. All this is to ensure the future health and safety of our children.

The CCS Green Team brings all new proposals for activities or practices to the district’s Administrative Green Team for approval.

The current chair of the CCS Green Team is Kelly Davis, Woodbrook Elementary’s principal.

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